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  • Dầu hàng hải Total Atlanta Marine D 3005

    Total Atlanta Marine D offers excellent detergency, thermal stability and resistance to foaming. Its anti-oxidant properties enable superb antirust and anti-corrosive capability, protecting all components it is used to lubricate. Its water separation and insoluble separation abilities also prevent the build-up of liquids. All of these features combine to give Total Atlanta Marine D outstanding anti-wear performance.

  • Dầu hàng hải Total Aurelia TI 3030,4030

    Total Aurelia TI is a range of trunk piston engine oils developed for use in medium speed diesel engines burning residual fuels. Total Aurelia TI combines an exclusive formulation of the latest additive technologies, developed by the Total research center, and a highly refined base oil to provide a substantial safety margin to cope with higher stress levels including those of the latest and future designs of diesel engines.

  • Dầu hàng hải Total Disola M 3015, M 4015

    Total Disola M – Dầu hàng hải được thiết kế đặc biệt cho bôi trơn động cơ điêzen cao và trung tốc. ỨNG DỤNG : Các động cơ phụ hoặc chính hút khí tự nhiên hoặc có turbo tăng áp của tất cả các loại và các công suất, chạy bằng dầu gas oil hoặc dầu điêzen hàng hải ( ISO 8217 DMX và DMA). Total Disola M 5015 có thể dùng cho chạy rà trong động cơ đầu chữ thập hai kỳ tốc độ thấp. Các ổ đỡ và trục chân vịt. Bôi trơn các hộp giảm tốc.

  • Dầu tách khuôn Total Ironcast SY 50

    Total Ironcast SY 50 is a synthetic mould release fluid for the continuous casting of steel billets. Total Ironcast SY 50 has an excellent oxidation resistance and leaves no residue during the casting process. It prevents direct contact between the steel and the internal walls of the mould, thereby permitting continuous flow and a uniform cooling of the steel. Total Ironcast  SY 50 enables increased productivity as regards the continuous casting systems of the steel by preventing inclusions of superficial oxides and avoiding formation of solid deposits liable to harm the quality of the steel ingot. Total Ironcast SY 50 is homologated by DANIELI.

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